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Putting Pinterest to the Test

I am, like millions of others, completely hooked on Pinterest.  What seemed to be a hip/new/gotta be in the know site in late spring-early summer has transformed into a social juggernaut. I have overheard ‘Oh I saw this on Pinterest’ … Continue reading

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One More Ticket.

It’s New Year’s Eve. Most people are either filled with nostalgic feelings of times gone by, or jubilation at a new beginning. A year ago I said I wanted the upcoming trip around the sun to be one in which … Continue reading

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What Exactly Is Going On Here?!?

Most of my life I’ve longed to be a crafy person.  I’m just not.  I can follow instructions just fine, but left to my own devices….my mind is blank and cavernous. I wish I could troll through stores like Hobby … Continue reading

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Cooking and Crafting

My best friend loves to craft.  I have long envied her ability to come up with fun, whimsical projects. While I don’t craft, she doesn’t cook.  It’s our balance. Over the weekend that changed, I decided to take on a … Continue reading

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Inside the Silence

It’s been nearly two months since I’ve posted. That’s not something I’m proud of, but I do acknowledge it. I’ve tried to write. I have a post half-finished here (one that will likely never be published actually) and I’ve written … Continue reading

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Pass the Peas, Please!

My first thought upon waking up this New Year’s Day was “How am I going to cook my Black Eyed Peas?”  After a bit of browsing I finally found a recipe that seemed easy, but good.  As an added bonus … Continue reading

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Food for Thought: My Fear and My Strategy

We all have things that make us a little uneasy. For some it’s the dentist, or flying.  I (like many others I’m sure) get anxious about the doctor. You see, for the past 10+ years I’ve had extra visits.  Nothing … Continue reading

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Enhancing a Store-Bought Staple

It’s the Sunday after Thanksgiving. The lethargy that sunk in following the enormous meals has worn off, and for many their normal Monday-Friday will return tomorrow.  Most of the leftovers are gone, and the dishes have been cleaned and put … Continue reading

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Wishbone Hopes for You…

 The Holiday season is officially upon us. It’s the day before Thanksgiving and from here till the New Year things can often seem a little more hectic than the rest of the year. Today people are packing bags, piling into … Continue reading

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Slow Cooker Sundays: Second Time Around

On Sunday, I attempted to keep up with this new series of using my crock pot each Sunday. The process went fine, but the execution was wrong.  I’d used beef instead of pork. Several people asked me if any part … Continue reading

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