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Two Ingredients and a Big Step

A simple recipe, one with only two ingredients, served a dual purpose for me last night. It was my menu, and my own personal challenge. Yesterday marked 7 years since my mom passed.  I felt it, I do every year.  … Continue reading

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Keep Holding On..

Over the past weeks and months, Mother Nature has held a fairly firm grip on the headlines.  While we’ve all heard it’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind, in 2011 she’s been a downright hormonal, fit throwing shrew.   … Continue reading

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Wisdom & Wisecracks

The holiday season is coming to a close. There was plenty of food made and devoured, but that’s a different post.  The holidays are a time for family, and that’s what brought about this post.  One thing I like about … Continue reading

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Find Your LBD Equivalent

      Cooking can take a lot of time and energy.  You’ve got to prepare, make (and check) your grocery list and pantry (I’ve been victim too often of  thinking I had something, and didn’t–or buying something I already had at … Continue reading

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Chicken NOODLES (For the Soul)

I’ve started to realize many of my posts make me think about loved ones. This entire process is teaching me more about myself than I expected. Before starting this, I never would have imagined I would have thought about my … Continue reading

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