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Pinterest Project: The Green Monstah.

I’ve started a project to find out if some recipes posted to Pinterest really are that great-or are merely really nice looking photos.   In the last post I took the softball approach. I knew when I looked at the … Continue reading

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Sooo….this happened (I was on TV)

Most people would describe themselves firmly as Either an Extrovert, OR an Introvert. I believe I fall squarely between the two. I am uncomfortable in new situations–it takes me time to open up and get used to things. The men … Continue reading

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Two Ingredients and a Big Step

A simple recipe, one with only two ingredients, served a dual purpose for me last night. It was my menu, and my own personal challenge. Yesterday marked 7 years since my mom passed.  I felt it, I do every year.  … Continue reading

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Counting & Colors

I’ve started to believe the whole Resolutions thing should be done in the late spring. The impending threat of bathing suit season gives much more incentive to keep fitness/healthy goals than sweater weather and frigid conditions where ‘extra warmth’ can … Continue reading

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It’s on the Plate

Lately things in my life are a little out of whack.  That doesn’t mean things are necessarily bad, or good, but there is a substantial amount of change…and waiting.  (I’ve had difficulty with both in the past) In just about … Continue reading

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Slow Cooker Sunday: Super Easy Chicken Salsa

It’s been a while since I’ve done a slow cooker recipes.  The holidays threw me off, then it was tough to get going again.  But, I’m back (by that I mean I did a slow cooker dish this week, next … Continue reading

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Quin-Whaaa? (Cooking with Quinoa)

This week I tried Quinoa, and Real Simple is largely to blame. The February 2011 issue had “The 30 Healthiest Ingredients” and I quickly scoured the list to see what I was eating regularly, and what I would put on … Continue reading

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Kindergarten Lessons, In the Kitchen.

In this space I often share recipes, cooking ideas, and experiences. Some items turn out great, others land me in the kitchen for hours, cursing over bubbling pots and pans. But a few end up being funny stores of calamity, … Continue reading

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Making a Mess (and Cleaning Up One)….with Manicotti.

Earlier this week I had a lot on my mind.  I was tense and stressed, but knew there wasn’t much I could actually DO about it.  I was in one of those moments where I was just stuck over thinking. … Continue reading

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Sometimes You Make a Mess…Not a Menu

This post is a bit challenging for me. That’s because it’s embarrassing to write.  I made a simple yet Vital mistake, and ruined my meal tonight. All week-long I’d been trying to come up with something to make for Slow … Continue reading

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