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Counting & Colors

I’ve started to believe the whole Resolutions thing should be done in the late spring. The impending threat of bathing suit season gives much more incentive to keep fitness/healthy goals than sweater weather and frigid conditions where ‘extra warmth’ can … Continue reading

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The Perfect Pair.

I spend a lot of time thinking about flavor.  One thing I often find both exciting, and challenging at the same time is flavor pairings.  Sometimes things just work. Certain flavors or foods seem to lend themselves to pairings.  Peanut … Continue reading

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Oh The Pasta-bilities!

A  few weeks ago I took a pasta class.  Groupon had offered a deal on a cooking class from Arkansas Extended Learning Center and within a few hours I was carefully studying the file, picking out which courses I would … Continue reading

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HodgePodge Meals

Everyone is familiar with what I’m about to describe.  The evenings when you don’t really have the ingredients for a full meal, or you’re too lazy to slave over a feast, so you throw open the cabinet and pantry, survey … Continue reading

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Eat Pray Love…and Balance

Tomorrow night my book club will meet to discuss Eat Pray Love.   I’m looking forward to hearing the views on it (and further details for those who have already shared thoughts.)  I liked the book, but I’ll admit I … Continue reading

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So….I Made a Pizza

Everyone has a food guilty pleasure.  The thing they crave.  What they could eat just about any time. Some want burgers. Others crave comfort food.  My best friend goes for chips & salsa. But for me?  It’s Pizza. “Pizza is … Continue reading

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Addictive Cheesy Biscuits

Warning:  If you are dieting or worry about calories—stop reading now. These certainly aren’t healthy, and while they aren’t the Worst thing I’ve blogged about it’s easy to eat a few at once. The recipe is supposedly similar to the … Continue reading

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Happy Apps

By now it has been clearly established….I like to feed people. And now, that is becoming a well known thing. So rather than ‘Oh! Becca brought ____ isn’t that nice?!?’ it is changing to “What did Becca make?” (I’ll be … Continue reading

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It’s All About Presentation…

I’m going to share a secret with you.Making your food sound fancy and delicious is VERY easy.There are two different ways, one requires only one word. 1) “With”It’s as easy as that. Compare “Potato Salad” vs. “Potato Salad with Bacon … Continue reading

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Cheers to the Patrons

I have a phenomenal group of friends.They have been imperative in my wandering journey into the world of cooking.Some, haven’t even had my cooking, but yet remain not only positive and encouraging, but see me as a person with food … Continue reading

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