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Pinterest Project: The Green Monstah.

I’ve started a project to find out if some recipes posted to Pinterest really are that great-or are merely really nice looking photos.   In the last post I took the softball approach. I knew when I looked at the … Continue reading

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Pinterest Project: Cream Cheese Cookies

Last week I decided I’d take on Pinterest. I wanted to find out whether the recipes on the site were actually any good, or if they were simply pretty photos. I’ll be honest, to start the series I’ve got an … Continue reading

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Two Ingredients and a Big Step

A simple recipe, one with only two ingredients, served a dual purpose for me last night. It was my menu, and my own personal challenge. Yesterday marked 7 years since my mom passed.  I felt it, I do every year.  … Continue reading

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The Perfect Pair.

I spend a lot of time thinking about flavor.  One thing I often find both exciting, and challenging at the same time is flavor pairings.  Sometimes things just work. Certain flavors or foods seem to lend themselves to pairings.  Peanut … Continue reading

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It’s on the Plate

Lately things in my life are a little out of whack.  That doesn’t mean things are necessarily bad, or good, but there is a substantial amount of change…and waiting.  (I’ve had difficulty with both in the past) In just about … Continue reading

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Slow Cooker Sunday: Super Easy Chicken Salsa

It’s been a while since I’ve done a slow cooker recipes.  The holidays threw me off, then it was tough to get going again.  But, I’m back (by that I mean I did a slow cooker dish this week, next … Continue reading

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Quin-Whaaa? (Cooking with Quinoa)

This week I tried Quinoa, and Real Simple is largely to blame. The February 2011 issue had “The 30 Healthiest Ingredients” and I quickly scoured the list to see what I was eating regularly, and what I would put on … Continue reading

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Kindergarten Lessons, In the Kitchen.

In this space I often share recipes, cooking ideas, and experiences. Some items turn out great, others land me in the kitchen for hours, cursing over bubbling pots and pans. But a few end up being funny stores of calamity, … Continue reading

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Slow Cooker…Wednesday: Drip Beef Sandwiches

This Sunday I was out dining with my family.  We try to do that once every month. So I didn’t put anything in the slow cooker, but I did on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. Lately I’ve been craving my Mom’s Drip … Continue reading

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Slow Cooker Sunday: Brown Foods

I should admit something. I take issue with all brown meals. I think that they don’t look healthy, or balanced. Often I’m right, (it’s typically rice & chicken, etc) I view color as nutrition. This especially holds true for Green. … Continue reading

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