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Pinterest Project: Cream Cheese Cookies

Last week I decided I’d take on Pinterest. I wanted to find out whether the recipes on the site were actually any good, or if they were simply pretty photos. I’ll be honest, to start the series I’ve got an … Continue reading

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Kindergarten Lessons, In the Kitchen.

In this space I often share recipes, cooking ideas, and experiences. Some items turn out great, others land me in the kitchen for hours, cursing over bubbling pots and pans. But a few end up being funny stores of calamity, … Continue reading

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A Change in the Lineup

It’s the week of Thanksgiving. THE holiday that centers around food. No gifts, no candy, no bar-hopping shindigs, just friends, family and food. This week I will make at least 12 pecan pies. I sold them to earn a bit … Continue reading

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The Practice Pie…and the Presentation

While I’m fairly confident in the kitchen, I respect the old adage “Practice Makes Perfect.”   If I’m going to make something for an event, or someone, I often do a run-through sometime in the week leading up to the event. I’m … Continue reading

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Easy, Uncommon Crispy Cookies

I don’t make many cookies. I’m TERRIBLE at Tollhouse (I’ve failed, MULTIPLE times, but that’s another blog at another time…) but these cookies are simple and yummy. It’s a recipe I remember from my childhood. Possibly because they aren’t very … Continue reading

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The Ease of Decadence

I’m growing particular about desserts & sweets. (I typically crave salty foods anyway) lately I’d rather have something I know will pack a punch in a few bites, rather than some big ‘ol slice. But that’s often easier said that … Continue reading

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Two Kinds of Cooks

I believe there are basically 2 kinds of cooks in the world. Those who go by measurements and work their way step by step through a recipe….and those who do not. I, am in the first group. For many reasons … Continue reading

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