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I'm a gal who believes "Food is the Most Primitive form of Comfort" Have plenty of dishes to serve up, but one thing's for sure, I'm always

Just Dance it Out

Everyone has those moments in a work day where they hit a wall. Either they are so over a project–or bored, or dreading something–could be a myriad of things really. Happened to me a lot last week. So I watched … Continue reading

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Pinterest Project: The Green Monstah.

I’ve started a project to find out if some recipes posted to Pinterest really are that great-or are merely really nice looking photos.   In the last post I took the softball approach. I knew when I looked at the … Continue reading

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Pinterest Project: Cream Cheese Cookies

Last week I decided I’d take on Pinterest. I wanted to find out whether the recipes on the site were actually any good, or if they were simply pretty photos. I’ll be honest, to start the series I’ve got an … Continue reading

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Putting Pinterest to the Test

I am, like millions of others, completely hooked on Pinterest.  What seemed to be a hip/new/gotta be in the know site in late spring-early summer has transformed into a social juggernaut. I have overheard ‘Oh I saw this on Pinterest’ … Continue reading

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One More Ticket.

It’s New Year’s Eve. Most people are either filled with nostalgic feelings of times gone by, or jubilation at a new beginning. A year ago I said I wanted the upcoming trip around the sun to be one in which … Continue reading

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Sooo….this happened (I was on TV)

Most people would describe themselves firmly as Either an Extrovert, OR an Introvert. I believe I fall squarely between the two. I am uncomfortable in new situations–it takes me time to open up and get used to things. The men … Continue reading

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Adjustments Needed.

It’s stunning how one decision starts a cascade of changes in life, like dominoes…propelling forward revealing new things, but once that domino falls, it takes some work to get things set back right.  That’s where I find myself these days. … Continue reading

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Two Ingredients and a Big Step

A simple recipe, one with only two ingredients, served a dual purpose for me last night. It was my menu, and my own personal challenge. Yesterday marked 7 years since my mom passed.  I felt it, I do every year.  … Continue reading

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From the View of a Child

I should start by saying this post is far overdue.  Months actually. Last year I was contacted by members of the National Cancer Society in my home state.  A woman had worked with my mother, remembered me, and asked if … Continue reading

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What Exactly Is Going On Here?!?

Most of my life I’ve longed to be a crafy person.  I’m just not.  I can follow instructions just fine, but left to my own devices….my mind is blank and cavernous. I wish I could troll through stores like Hobby … Continue reading

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