Putting Pinterest to the Test

I am, like millions of others, completely hooked on Pinterest.  What seemed to be a hip/new/gotta be in the know site in late spring-early summer has transformed into a social juggernaut. I have overheard ‘Oh I saw this on Pinterest’ at airports, restaurants, and the workplace.

(Don’t worry, I’m not going to be all Hipster and say I’m over it. I Adore the site. I even accept it’s fairly regular site /mobile app errors–THAT is real love 😉    )

For some people the site helps spur creativity, or helps plan huge events like parties and weddings.  For others, it’s just fun to look at pretty things.  To each their own.I have a number of boards: Places to visit, Clothes I adore, Random things I find simply hilarious, and of course one for food.  While going through the board one day searching for menu items I found myself wondering “It Looks great, but (A) is it as easy to recreate, and (B) Do these things even taste good–or are they just really pretty pictures of food?!?

So I decided, I’d find out.  I’m going to start a (very haphazard) series here in which I try a recipe, blog about the recreation of, and how it tastes.

Looking good is one thing, but there’s gotta be something to back it up! (True in life too-not just food)

Feel free to make suggestions!
Happy Pinning!

(By the way my friend Audreya has a great tutorial on the site if you are new/want to learn more!)


About Bec

I'm a gal who believes "Food is the Most Primitive form of Comfort" Have plenty of dishes to serve up, but one thing's for sure, I'm always
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One Response to Putting Pinterest to the Test

  1. Mplsauna says:

    SERIOUSLY! Could the Pinterest app be anymore frustrating ?!

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