What Exactly Is Going On Here?!?

Most of my life I’ve longed to be a crafy person.  I’m just not.  I can follow instructions just fine, but left to my own devices….my mind is blank and cavernous.

I wish I could troll through stores like Hobby Lobby and Michael’s and have my mind filled with ideas and projects.  Instead when I enter those stores, I am a woman on a mission.  I learned long ago (in my college sorority days) if I start wandering I often pick up a few things with the best of intentions, that end up being abandoned, spark cursing fits, or tossed in the trash bin.

Not my photo (source) but makes me laugh Every time

I think my misadventures can be visually described by the Cookie Monster cupcake photo you see here (found on Pinterest, love that site)

Often I have all the needed items, paired with the best of intentions, and things just go awry.  Plus, crafters lie (ok not all, but too often I’ve read ‘This can be a little tricky’ and learned that the statement should be read ‘It’s as tough as herding cats, which you’ll have figured out after cussing or crying and wanting to hurl this project into a wall.)

So can someone tell me WHY I’ve been crafting lately?!?

I believe Pinterest may be to blame. There are so many adorable photos on there.  Cutesy photos (with great lighting) are like little siren images teasing and tempting me to find supplies and clear an afternoon.

The finished product!

Not too long ago I succumbed to the desire, and tried to make a festive summer wreath, made of those drink umbrellas.  And–It turned out well!

Read my best friend’s take on the undertaking here (she Is a crafty person, and eloquently explains how crafting is her world, cooking is mine–and we aren’t exactly comfortable in the other’s.)

While it’s good that I’ve completed a project to my liking, that also has a downside.

I could make this...Right?

I now want to try new things, knowing the summer wreath could be a fluke.  I search for things I could try to recreate, that hopefully wouldn’t break the bank in the process.

I know “Crafter” is a title I’ll never have, but being able to make things brings a unique feeling of satisfaction.

And if I fail?  I still have the kitchen.


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I'm a gal who believes "Food is the Most Primitive form of Comfort" Have plenty of dishes to serve up, but one thing's for sure, I'm always
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One Response to What Exactly Is Going On Here?!?

  1. Kelli says:

    I think crafting is one of those things everyone can do. The trick is just finding the right level of craft. Don’t go thinking you’re going to be able to build a cabinet. But paint one? sure. I’ve gotten in over my head on plenty of occasions. I either adjust my expectations or throw something at the wall.

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