Counting & Colors

I’ve started to believe the whole Resolutions thing should be done in the late spring.
The impending threat of bathing suit season gives much more incentive to keep fitness/healthy goals than sweater weather and frigid conditions where ‘extra warmth’ can somehow be worked into logic.

I’ve started to evaluate my meals, but I’m using a different method that most people I know.

Calorie counting has long been praised.


There are countless apps and sites that can help people keep track.  I know many who have had success with this method, myself included.

Sure, it’s tedious, but it really makes you think.  Food journals are great.

But…this method isn’t for me.

I stopped enjoying my food.  Instead I obsessed over nutrition math and how many calories were in something.  I didn’t savor things, and would feel guilty about choices.

That’s not a way to live–at least not for me.

I began to look at What I was eating, and there was quite a bit of brown foods.  Granted, brown foods are Delicious.  They’ve been grilled, roasted, seared, or fried.  Brown food is (mostly) comfort food…meat and potatoes type stuff.  Now, I know what Food Network host Anne Burrell has to say about them, but a plate of brown foods provides no balance.

Love this rainbow fruit plate. Photo by my friend Kat.

So instead of looking at numbers, I focused on colors.  The more color, the more variety and different nutrients.  Plus it’s fun and has a child-like feel to planning.

I feel better when I eat this way.  I still count, but mostly it’s how many fruits/veggies I have in a day.  When I only worried about the numbers on the label, I would eat low-cal or low-fat, but I doubt many meals were all that nutritious.

This image serves as a good reminder for things. Spotted on Pinterest, a site I Love these days.

I know this is close to Michael Pollan’s stance.  I haven’t read his books, but they have been suggested to me many times (and I do plan on reading them eventually.)

If you want to change your eating habits or lifestyle, find what fits You.  A change is a process, but if you hate it–it won’t stick.

I still indulge.  Far too often than I should, but I’m enjoying it.


What works for you?






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One Response to Counting & Colors

  1. Kelli says:

    Honestly, it’s a really good way to look at things. I’ve never really counted calories or anything like that, it’s just too much math for food. Also, it’s depressing! I love this time of year when all the yummy pretty colored foods are available and in season!

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