Hitting the Brakes, Taking Stock and Switching Gears

       Wouldn’t it be nice sometimes if life were like those Choose Your Own Adventure books? Where you could realize ‘Hey! This isn’t NEARLY what I thought it’d be!” and just go back to some beginning, start over and try again?
Yes it’d make it easier, but it would probably also make it less surprising.

Either way, I’m not here to talk about serious life events, regrets, or choices-but I have found, hitting the reset button can do wonders.

My mind is a busy one.  I am constantly making lists (this includes making lists, of things I need to make lists for). I’ve struggled with sleep because my mind would be too busy thinking about what I had to do, despite knowing a clear focused (and rested) mind would be key in getting those things done. The biggest problem would be that I blurred the lines of work/play.  I would think about work long after I was home, and I hated that.

So, I changed things.  I give myself a blank slate, twice a day if I can afford the time.
My workday is set up that I have a lull just beyond halfway through.  At that point I stop, reassess what’s happened, and what I must do.  I can completely switch gears in this time, and it helps.  (Yes, lists are made).

When I come home I reset once more.  Most days I go into my room, lay down, and listen to a Relax app or just rest for 15-20 minutes.  I STOP my life.  I try to get my mind as absolutely clear as possible, then after the break, it’s back to reality.  This way I’m no longer dealing with work.  The remainder of the day is mine.  (I actually have been re-seting for some time, but lately I’ve been more regimented about the process, and have seen changes to correspond with the habit). 

I am aware that this is a luxury I have.  Twice over.  That I am able to stop, take few moments to look around, set up a new plan of action, and go.  That’s why I don’t take it lightly, and I highly recommend it.

Take a few breaks, Stop and smell the roses, enjoy the feeling of having a break slate, even if it’s just for a few brief seconds to reevaluate.

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”


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