Keep Holding On..

Over the past weeks and months, Mother Nature has held a fairly firm grip on the headlines.  While we’ve all heard it’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind, in 2011 she’s been a downright hormonal, fit throwing shrew.  

Forces of nature (or as some controversially call them, “Acts of God”) make me more uneasy than almost anything else.  There is no reasoning with a tornado, and you can’t find a motive behind why massive waves of water took over communities.  That’s just how it is. No amount of asking why will appease, no justice to be sought.

One thing has stuck out to me throughout these events: the love, hope, and care given both before and after.  I’m thick in the social media scene where I live.  It’s given me great friends, and resources.  During storms that combed through Arkansas night after night, so many posts included “Please be safe” or “Be careful”. Texts, calls, and warnings were issued telling others to hunker down.  Those weren’t nights anyone volunteers for, but having that phone in my hand, seeing others remark, made me (and I’m sure plenty of others) feel much safer.

While that in itself is nice, afterwards is what has truly stuck with me.

People helped.  I’ve read of people wanting to rush out in the middle of the night to bring a chainsaw and help those with damage.  People whose homes had taken in water started sandbagging a neighbor’s house so they wouldn’t experience the same fate.  People gave money, and food. People Stopped worrying about an agenda, or politics, or differences.  They wanted to help, to do what’s best, to look out for someone else.

I believe, truly, as a population THIS is who we are.  I believe at the core of things people are good.  It’s something I wish we would try to remember, that we ARE these people.  While holding our loved ones tight, we can reach out to lift up another.

We are amazing, we just have to act on it–to love and take care of one another.

My home wasn’t touched by the storms.  But I too have recently experienced my own unavoidable life changing force.  Death.

My MeMe died mid-April.  If you know me, or have scanned through a few pages on this site, you know what she did, and continues to mean to me.  Her loss is something I am still processing, and likely will be for quite some time.

Going through a death or helping a friend through one is never easy.  You would never know that from my friends.  I received an almost instant surge of love and support.
Even ones who didn’t know what to say…just showed up, to listen, to try to find something to laugh about, to nurture…to remind that in tragedy there is love and hope.



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  1. Sarabeth says:

    Knowing you makes me better. 🙂

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