It’s on the Plate

Lately things in my life are a little out of whack. 
That doesn’t mean things are necessarily bad, or good, but there is a substantial amount of change…and waiting.  (I’ve had difficulty with both in the past)
In just about every single case, there’s nothing that I personally can do to impact things.  And that’s alright, but it certainly doesn’t make the process any easier.   I know I’ve been stressed, but it was Food that really pointed out how much was on my mind.

In the past when I would get tense, I either don’t want anything to eat, or I forage through the pantry and come up with unusual combinations of food that rarely have any nutritional content whatsoever.   Not too long ago I discovered that cooking helped to calm me.  It gave me a focus (it’s not easy to dwell on something when you’re trying to keep your fingers in tact!)  It was my outlet.

This week–my mood has shown up on my plate.  Things I’m making are just…off.  I know by the texture, the smell, the taste.  I can tell in the process that there is something amiss, yet these are recipes I know by heart.  Ones I have done he exact same way dozens of times.   My chicken noodles lacked a warmth, and rolls are meant to be mounds, not flat-ish circles.   I’m going through the motions even at my stove, and it’s showing.  In the one place I use to conquer this stuff. 

Since I am the only variable I can control, I’ve come up with a plan.
I’ll be plating up dishes I’ve never taken on, pushing myself to a level that is just beyond my comfort zone.  I will embrace the process and the challenge.  The rest of the stuff will play out in ways yet to be seen.  This will help me bide my time till that happens. 

If you see me, ask me “What’s Cookin’?” 
Just don’t mock the menu.


About Bec

I'm a gal who believes "Food is the Most Primitive form of Comfort" Have plenty of dishes to serve up, but one thing's for sure, I'm always
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