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The holiday season is coming to a close.
There was plenty of food made and devoured, but that’s a different post.  The holidays are a time for family, and that’s what brought about this post.  One thing I like about aging is that relationships with family members develop and grow.

“When I was a boy of fourteen, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be twenty-one, I was astonished at how much the old man had learned in seven years. ” – Mark Twain

For me, becoming my MeMe’s friend has been the most enriching.  We’ve always had a special bond; I’m the oldest grand-baby, and the only granddaughter.  But over the years the relationship has flourished.  Learning about her past hobbies, hearing her stories, being a sounding board, and belly laughing every chance we get has been a blessing beyond words.

This post, will be my way of having my MeMe be a guest blogger.
She isn’t dictating anything to me, but instead I’m passing along a work she created over 50 years ago.
This is a poem she wrote in 1959.  Read to the rhythm of “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas”

“Food for Thought”

*Twas the night after Christmas, and boy what a house
I felt like the devil, and so did the spouse
The egg nog and turkey and candy were swell
But ten hours later, they sure gave me h–l.

*The stockings weren’t hung by the chimney with care,
The darned things were sprawled on the back of a chair.
The children were nestled all snug in their bed,
But I had a large cake of ice on my head.

*And when at last I dozed off in a nap,
The ice woke me up when it fell in my lap.
Then, for some unknown reason I wanted a drink
So, I started in feeling my way to the sink.

*I got along fine, till I stepped on the cat;
I don’t recall just what occurred after that.
When I came to, the house was all flooded with light,
Although under the table I was high as a kite.

*While visions of sugar plums danced in my head,
I somehow got up and then went back into bed.
Then what to my wandering mind should appear,
But a miniature sleigh and eight tiny reindeer?

*Then the sleigh seemed to change into a crimson fire truck.
And each reindeer turned into a bleary-eyed buck’
I know in a moment it must be Old Nick
I tried to cry out, but my tongue was too thick.

*Then the old devil whistled and shouted in glee,
While each buck pawed the Earth and looked daggers at me.
Then he called them by name, and the names made me shudder.
When I heard them I felt like a ship, sans a rudder.

*Now Eggnog! Bacardi! Four Roses! and Brandy!
Now Fruit Cake! Cold Turkey! Gin Rickey! and Candy!
To the top of his dome! To the top of his skull!
Now whack away, rack away with thumps that are dull!

*Then in a twinkling, I felt on my roof,
The prancing and pawing of each cloven hoof!
Now long this went on, I’m sure I can’t say
Tho’ it seemed an eternity, plus a long day.

*But finally the night after Christmas had passed
And I found I could really think straight at last.
So I thought of the New Year a few days away,
And I’ve made me a vow that no tempter can sway.

*I’m sticking to water, don’t even want ice,
For there’s nothing so tasty ,and nothing so nice
The night after New Year’s may bother some guys,
But I’ve learned my lesson and, Brother Im wise.
*You can have your rich victuals, and liquor that’s red
But what goes in my stomach won’t go to my head.
So, a Big Happy New Year to you and to all’
I’m back on the wagon, and Hope I don’t Fall!


I like that “Food for Thought” is a term I often use here, but never realized it shared the name as a work MeMe had created.

May you all have a Happy New Year!

MeMe! Isn't she Fabulous?!? Rockin' 88!


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