Wishbone Hopes for You…

 The Holiday season is officially upon us.

It’s the day before Thanksgiving and from here till the New Year things can often seem a little more hectic than the rest of the year.
Today people are packing bags, piling into cars, and going through security.
Others are making that dreaded last run to the grocery store, and getting a head start on the big feast for the holiday.

In recent years, technology has allowed us to send quick, brief well wishes to almost anyone.
There are the cheery status updates and tweets, and of course the mass text messages that go out to dozens of people at once.
This allows us outreach to a magnitude of people we weren’t able to reach before, but it can seem rather flat.

This year, my hope…for me, for you, for all of us is to go beyond that.
Rather than saying “I’m so thankful for my friends and family..” tell them instead. Remind them that They are a reason you give thanks and count blessings. Tell them why you’re thankful for them, the ways they enrich your life.
Of all the gifts given and received, your words could be what they remember most about this holiday season.

 I know this is a little cheesy, and it may push you past your comfort zone, but I believe this small gesture is something we all need a little more of, especially this time of year.

It’s my wish for all of us.

Found on Flickr, by Yaniruma




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