Sometimes You Make a Mess…Not a Menu

This post is a bit challenging for me.
That’s because it’s embarrassing to write.  I made a simple yet Vital mistake, and ruined my meal tonight.

All week-long I’d been trying to come up with something to make for Slow Cooker Sunday.
The problem is, I hadn’t thought of anything.  So, on Sunday morning, I found myself browsing websites, wracking my brain for something to make.
I finally decided on a Pork & Pineapple Curry.  It had a different protein than the week before, and didn’t compete with the Chicken Noodles I’d made earlier in the week.

I’m a multitasker by nature.  I’m constantly doing several different things while mentally making notes for others.  When I have stressful weeks this kicks into over-drive, and I see the residual effects of delayed response and getting ahead of myself days after stress has subsided.
That must have played a role today.  I have been making to-do lists for today/tomorrow/this week etc in my head most of the weekend, and even while making my shopping list and at the grocery store.  Nevertheless I wasn’t phased because I’ve become comfortable with cooking.  I let myself go to auto-pilot in the store and while cubing the meat at home.

It wasn’t until hours later…after I bought the meat, after cubing it, browning it, and placing it in the slow cooker…did it dawn on me:  I bought BEEF….NOT Pork!
There was absolutely no fix.  I knew there was nothing that could be done except throw it away, and decide whether to try it again this week–with the correct protein.

Like I said, this hasn’t been an easy entry to write.  I was tempted to chalk it up to ‘too busy!’ and take refuge in the fact that none of the few readers that visit the blog would ever know of my massive, obvious mistake.   I kept kicking myself with ‘It’s SO basic!’  “How could I go through THAT MANY steps and never even think about it?!?!?”

I decided to post, because I’m Not a perfect cook, I’m still learning, and will likely never stop.  I started this blog to share my journey into the kitchen, and this-is part of it.  I’ll tell anyone I don’t really know what I’m doing, I just happen to enjoy it-and when you enjoy something you often learn. This is probably my largest mistake to make, and while my pride is bruised, it was bound to occur.  At least it wasn’t a huge dinner  I would be serving to friends/family.

I’m sharing, because this happens.  To everyone.  Sometimes you don’t end up with the meal you intended, you just end up with a big ol’ mess.
I plan to try this again later this week.  Maybe even tomorrow.   When that happens I’ll detail the real meal and how it turned out.

Tonight I’m glad thankful for delivery pizza.


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I'm a gal who believes "Food is the Most Primitive form of Comfort" Have plenty of dishes to serve up, but one thing's for sure, I'm always
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5 Responses to Sometimes You Make a Mess…Not a Menu

  1. erniebufflo says:

    1) I have made MANY a mess in the kitchen. Usually in the moment, it’s strangely devastating, and I have in the past thrown a few good tantrums as a result.
    2) I’m confused about why the recipe wouldn’t work with beef? You couldn’t just eat pineapple curry beef?

  2. Bec says:

    I think it possibly could work, but the flavors tasted odd. The beef was too savory then fighting with the curry, paprika, and the sweetness of the pineapple.

    It’s meant for pork.
    If it were stovetop it would likely be able to be fixed, but slow-cooker? Nope. Everything melds.

  3. Jillian Johnson says:

    I consider myself an “OK” cook. Mostly bc I’m so many times better than my mom, that whenever she and my stepdad come for dinner, they act like poppyseed chicken or homeade alfredo sauce is the greatest culinary masterpiece they’ve ever seen. So for Rob/Mom’s birthday last week, I decided to make a whoooolllee new meal, from scratch… A Pot Roast.

    Surprisingly.. it was amazing. Although the veggies got a teensy bit too tender (shoulda waited an extra hour b4 throwing them in). But all in all, pretty pleased, considering it was a cheap cut of meat, and my “dutch oven” is really a giantcheap pot that I got for $10 at walmart.

    Pleased with my roast, I decided to make a HOMEADE chocolate cake … now, I am notorious for disgusting cakes. I can NOT make cake. I even destroy stuff from a box. But I was feeling cocky. I whipped it up, it looked delish.. tossed it in a big ole pyrex, and popped it in, set the timer.

    I took it out 5 min early, bc I’m paranoid…well.. I guess I had a reason to be.. bc what was left in the pan was a mass of JET BLACK (KID U NOT) ashes. It had burned down so much that at some areas, you could see the pan through the sad tragedy left in the pan.

    LOL. So see? Your mistake= not so bad. In fact, I bet Rob would have gobbled that up like it as made as it was ment to be!! LOL. Don’t feel bad… bc as far as I”m concerned, you are QUITE the kitchen goddess!!

    ps, slow cooker sundays is my new fave! I’ve become obsessed w/ slow cookers now that I’m going to be working an 8 to 5 day… its weird, I’ve never been a soup person, but lately, the thought of walking in out of the cold winter day thats turning dark, to find the house filled with the warm smell of beef stew….ahh… sounds like utter ecxtasy!!! haha.. I’m getting old:)

  4. Kelli says:

    Oh, if that’s the worst mistake you ever make, you’re doing fine. I once made nine cakes (it was an elaborate, stacked cake) without adding the sugar. I didnt discover it until I was starting to stack them. I just happened to taste it-something I don’t usually do. Good thing I did. It was awful! I had to go buy all new ingredients.

  5. LaTonya says:

    Sometimes, and I do mean sometimes, the messes end up being rather tasty. So what DID you do with the beef?

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