My Sous Chef

    A very special event happens this week.  My ‘Sous Chef’ is turning 30.

It's Laura! With Chance and Mirabelle

Simply put: I’m not sure I’d be where I am today without Laura.  Not that I wouldn’t have survived or achieved, but the road would have been much tougher, and a lot less fun.

I know it’s unusual for people to blog about a friend.  Often it’s husbands/wives/children or the general masses. 
This week I started thinking.  I’ve known her over 10 years, and I can say we are as close (if not closer) now as we’ve ever been.  I think that’s rare. 

I believe as we age, our circle of people adjusts and shrinks to what fits in our lives:  our co-workers, church members, parents of kids’ friends etc.  We adjust as our lives ungulates from one phase to the next.  Friendship, just like any other key relationship (romantic/work/other) is something that must be worked on constantly.  John Lennon said “Life is what happens when you’re making other plans” I’ve made promises and plans for lunches, coffees, meetings, with friends that didn’t come through because both parties were too busy.  It’s what happens.  That’s life.   Somehow, despite the hurdles: the multiple moves (one to New England) , the crazy hours, the heaping responsibilities, that hasn’t happened to us.  (I contribute that to sheer determination, making plans for calls, ice cream, dinner, emails etc.)

I've dubbed this pose "The Death Grip" almost all of our photos have some variation of this pose

 We met through our sorority, Delta Zeta.  Oddly, we both thought the other was ‘organized and put together’ which is one reason we ended up being Big & Lil Sis (by the way, both of us believe we deserve a Lifetime Achievement award for Best Big & Lil Team-just sayin’).  We were roommates, each other’s voice of reason and balance, the outfit checker, confidants.

But a million other things make her ‘My Laura’ (a term which was given when I tried to distinguish between a co-worker, and this one, even though the co-worker left, the ‘My’ stuck)
As I’ve previously mentioned when my mom died she stopped her world and came down.  She was there solely for me, no words will EVER explain how badly I needed that.  When I needed to get out of a bad relationship, I handed the phone to a friend, said “Call Laura, tell her everything that just happened” because I knew she wouldn’t let me go on as I was.  She’s been around my family, and gets the ‘fun in dysfunctional’ that they often bring.  She knows what drives me, what will tick me off, and my sense of humor. 

It’s a crazy world out there, which is why having a person that knows me to my Core is so refreshing.
One who can talk about world politics, financial matters, and celebrity gossip within the same conversation.
One who protects you from movies that would make you cry too hard, and pushes you past your comfort zone.
A person who can be a cheerleader and is strong enough to reign you in.

Our apartment. A brief, A-Mazing time!

Happy Birthday Laura.
This week we Celebrate You, for all the wonderful ways you have impacted our lives. (In your own Crafty Razzle-Dazzle way)

Love you

Your Lil’


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