To Market, To Market…

From Precision Nutrition


      I go to the Grocery Store a LOT.  This week? At least three times.  THREE. Times. 
(Disclaimer:  I did recently go out-of-town which means I cleaned out much of my perishable food beforehand)  That aside I still go at least twice a week, that’s not including my semi-regular weekly trips to the Farmer’s Market.  

Some people would call the behavior unnecessary and crazy.  I don’t completely disagree with them, but I will say I have strong methods to my madness.

I Like the grocery store.  This is something I most likely picked up from my Dad.  His trips to the grocery store would seem to take AGES, but it never seemed like a chore.  I mirror that.  The grocery store is an idea place.  What to cook, what do I want to try, and plenty of ‘How in the world can I use That?”

Conversely, I have it scheduled.  I zip in and out.  I’m lucky enough that my schedule allows for me to be able to go at times when the store isn’t as busy.  I completely avoid my nearest one between 4:30-6.  (I am hoping this will somewhat ease soon, with the re-opening of a renovated store, and the Grand Opening of a Target.)  I make my lists, I get in, I get what I need, I get out.  I am the type that will muse over things and buy too much.  Thinking about what to serve the latter half of the week when I’m there on a Sunday or Monday ends up in a larger bill and stuff that inevitably I don’t won’t feel like cooking later that week.

I want it Fresh.  Most often, my ‘filler’ trips are for protein, herbs, produce, and one or two items I may need for a recipe (or for cat food, they’ve gotta eat too!)
I don’t like having fish or meat in my fridge, waiting to be cooked.  I want to bring it home, get it going, and serve it up.  If that means I go back a few days later to pick up another protein, Fine by me. 
It’s almost like I hear a ticking clock as soon as the stuff is in my cart.  I want to get the most flavor I can.  (Patience is never a virtue I’ve excelled at, thank goodness there are others.)

There are weeks I am jealous of my Baking Friends (there are two blog sites there, check them out. Both hilarious women who make Amazing cakes & treats)  it seems many of their ingredients can be stored in-house, with fewer trips to the store. (Although I could be wrong, AND they must have storage space….so six one way half-dozen another I guess)

The selfish reason is probably the one I enjoy most of all.  I’m completely aware that it’s not feasible for many people.  It won’t be this way for me forever, and I’m taking advantage of it.  Enjoying my food and meals, one by one, and not having to force myself to come up with a week’s worth of dinner selections so I can overload a basket on Sunday.  I don’t have to consider others when planning things, if I decide on a whim I want to make something, I can. 

I make a lot of trips.  I try a lot of new things.  I share with my friends.  It make not make sense to all, but for me…for now..this works.

How often do You go?


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2 Responses to To Market, To Market…

  1. Audreya says:

    Thanks for the link! David works off-duty security at a grocery store one or two nights a week, so he picks up fresher items and I do the “stock up” trips for dry goods and frozen items about once every two weeks. It seems like a lot, but since the most feasible store for me to get to is Walmart, I think the less often, the better!

  2. Sarabeth says:

    Oh. I think I am jealous of you now. Cooking just what I want…that sounds fabulous.

    Actually, I do like the store too – if I can go on my own terms. Too often it’s running by to get one more thing when it’s overcrowded and I am overtired, though… 🙂

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