Summer Lovin’

I’m not a huge fan of summer.  Never have been.  The relentless bearing down heat and nearly suffocating humidity alone are reasons I prefer to stay indoors.  Add in mosquitoes, sunburns, and hair woes, and it can easily be detested.

However, I appreciate the uniqueness of the season and what it brings.  Summer is special.  It provides a feeling of escapism and freedom the others simply cannot.  It also has its own treasures:  patios, pools, lightning bugs, and of course, the huge bounty of summer foods.

As previously mentioned I love Farmer’s Markets.  I am ever thankful to live in a place where so many foods can be grown, and that farming isn’t a quaint idea, it’s a way of life for many.  I’m so excited as new items ripen and appear on carts, and I find myself sad to notice the absence of others (strawberries exit the party So early!)

But there is one item, FAR beyond any other that I love.
It IS summer to me.

The King Daddy of them all.

The Watermelon.

Doesn't that look Delicious?!?

Upon visits to the Farmers Market, it is my first stop.  I get out of the car and make a bee-line to vendors who I remember, then haul my find back to the car, before returning for other items.
Breaking them down takes a while, and always makes a huge mess but I love it.

All of this from One Watermelon!

I have fond memories from my childhood of diving into huge half circles of watermelon that were much wider than my head.  My father used to joke that he would need to take the first bite of  a slice to ‘Make sure it tasted alright’ (I remember always being put out by this…who’s he think he’s foolin’ anyways?!?)

I love that instantly cool feeling you get with watermelon.  Simply ideal for sweltering heat.

While it may sound peculiar, I also appreciate the sensuousness of it.  It’s juicy sweet and sticky and it perfectly melts in your mouth, and most importantly you can eat it with your bare hands. It’s messy, but best this way.
Many fruits have this quality (mangos, strawberries etc.) and I put watermelon amongst them.

There isn’t much worse than biting into a watermelon that doesn’t reach your expectations.  A friend recently summed it up perfectly:
A tasteless watermelon is the epitome of a broken promise.


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One Response to Summer Lovin’

  1. Kyran says:

    I never knew what a ripe watermelon tasted like before I came to the South. And never knew what I was missing. Great post! xo

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