Food for Thought: Lessons from My Mother

I’ve been thinking about my mom quite a bit lately.

I’ve been longing for her wisdom, and hoping with every cell in my being that I am turning out half as graceful, vibrant (a word recently used to describe her) and poised as she was.

Recently a few things and opportunities have arisen that have made me think about my current situation as well as much larger things like what I want from life, what step I’d like to take next, and who I am.  I’ve talked these things over with friends and family but I still longed for the insightful wisdom my mother would always have in situation like these.

But then, I realized; I already what she’d say.  I’m proof of it actually.
When faced with a big decision, what’s the most important thing to you?

My mom battled cancer for 14 years.  And in that 5’3″ frame she was a warrior like none other.  And while it changed her life in drastic ways (often what she could eat, her energy levels, her schedule with treatments) it wasn’t the most important thing in her life.

That, was my father, my brother and I.

My parents had come to visit me at college.

My parents on one of their many globe-trotting adventures.

My brother and my mom before a high school dance

My mother didn’t let some disease get in the way of football games, dance recitals and taking care of her home.  And she certainly wasn’t going to take to her room and mope about a diagnosis or chances.  She lived. She fully embraced life.

With that in mind, my thoughts were clear.  I knew first to figure out what is most important, and then make decisions.
Priorities will likely change over time, with age and experience.  But I think as long as in any situation I think first about what matters most, my life will be joyful, fulfilling, and happy.  And when you have that-what else could you want?

The clip is a piece that was done not too long ago about my mom her spirit and our family.
Be aware: It’s not a sad piece, but it is an emotional one.


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5 Responses to Food for Thought: Lessons from My Mother

  1. Paige says:

    Your mother is beautiful. And you favor her so. HUGE hugs to you always!

  2. so beautiful. thank you for sharing.

  3. Amy (Borcherding) Napolitano says:

    Graceful and vibrant are definitely good descriptors of Mrs. Beth! This is a lovely tribute to her.

  4. Savannah B says:

    Beautiful, Bec.
    That first, super-glam, picture of your mother looks so much like you. What a lovely legacy she left behind.
    Hugs, SB

  5. Pam says:

    a beautiful piece about a beautiful family!

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