Chicken NOODLES (For the Soul)

I’ve started to realize many of my posts make me think about loved ones. This entire process is teaching me more about myself than I expected.

Before starting this, I never would have imagined I would have thought about my mother, my childhood, and my MeMe so much while writing. My mother cooked, but I don’t remember the process. Healthy/Balanced meals were important. Varied ones.
My MeMe…is a southern cook. Cooks purely by taste. With fats, and salt, and butter and grease. It’s not healthy, but it’s good.

I think cooking ties us. I believe I’m somewhat of a balance of their styles. However, if you were to ask, I pretty much taught myself to cook (with help from Google).
MeMe’s style is a skill set I want, but not for use everyday. And I no longer have the opportunity to call my Mom with questions. However I have her recipes of beloved dishes.
(My dad does offer sage advice when I seek it…I should note that)
But while the the balance between my MeMe, my Mother & I is not something I seek when I step into the kitchen, its there. It’s Nurturing. Comforting. Pure.
It’s not inherited entirely (MeMe isn’t my mother’s Mother) but it’s love.
A strong love that survives all…and surprises you at times.

This recipe….brings us all together. More than any other.

It is my comfort food. It was my mother’s comfort food.

It’s my MeMe’s Chicken Noodles.

Things to know:

It is NOT a soup.

It’s a messy dish (You’ve gotta break down a chicken)

It’s time consuming.

It’s a very bland looking dish.

It makes quite a bit.

It’s simply amazing.

MeMe’s Chicken Noodles

  • HUGE Pot
  • 1 Whole Fryer (leave the skin on)
  • 1 Pkg Egg Noodles
  • Salt & Pepper
  • Celery/Carrots (optional)

Spray Pot with Cooking Spray.

Season the bird with Salt & Pepper (do it now or you’ll add LOTS of salt later)
Put bird breast down, cover chicken with water (if possible, enough that there’s 2 inches of water above the bird)

Bring to a Boil, then turn burner to a simmer.
Cover the pot halfway with a lid

Poke holes in the Chicken or tenderness.

When cooked–set aside and let cool.
Cut up the chicken.

Add 1 cup water to broth, and let it boil.

Put in noodles 1 handful at a time (MeMe swears by it-so don’t question!) Stir occasionally

When the noodles boil, add the chicken.

Cook at least 10-20 minutes (may need more salt)

About Bec

I'm a gal who believes "Food is the Most Primitive form of Comfort" Have plenty of dishes to serve up, but one thing's for sure, I'm always
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