MY Version of the BBC (Butter, Bacon, & Cheese)

I’ll start with an explanation.
I’m not a proponent of gluttony, however, I am a huge fan of indulging in moderation.

People can get pretty particular about food.
Everyone has their habits. Things they’ll eat, things they won’t…
The most basic are those with dietary restrictions and/or allergies.
Most often the restrictions/limitations are ones people give themselves.
Health is usually a factor, which is wise.

The ones I don’t like, are the ones that are made when people are unhappy with themselves. We should be happy with our lives and bodies, and try to enhance. Not believe we will only be happy once we achieve a “goal”

NOW….all that said….the rest of this post could clog your arteries.

I’m going to talk about The Ultimate Food Enhancers. The BBC.
Butter. Bacon. And Cheese. (There is also Chocolate, when speaking about desserts)

Obviously, by ‘enhancers’ I am referring only to taste, but let’s be honest, they can work wonders on a dish.

From Julia Child to Paula Deen….Butter is essential. Yes there are subs but if you want flavor? Butter.
To enhance my point? A clip from ‘Julie & Julia’


Bacon is right up there with butter. Think about your favorite food–Add Bacon, in almost every occasion, it’s been taken up a notch.

Why do you think so many things are wrapped in bacon? Because it’s BETTER.

Don’t believe me? Let comedian Jim Gaffigan explain

And Cheese.
Simply put—smother something with it…better, or edible.
Key argument? Broccoli and cheese. Fondue! Just dip stuff in cheese and suddenly you’re fancy!

And since I mentioned it earlier:
Chocolate on it’s own is divine. Added? Phenomenal.
Do they make frosting fountains?
Nope. Only chocolate.
Fruit, cookies, I have even heard of a chocolate sauce in a chicken dinner!

In summation: To take a dish to the next level, just look to the BBC.
One, or the combination of a few, can amplify a dish almost every time.


About Bec

I'm a gal who believes "Food is the Most Primitive form of Comfort" Have plenty of dishes to serve up, but one thing's for sure, I'm always
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