Biting Off More Than I Can Chew…..

I agreed to cater a dinner party this weekend. This, is beyond daunting to me. Until last week the only person I cooked for (first round, leftovers don’t count) was myself….and frankly I don’t care if I’m an hour late.

I’m very much a creature of habit and comfort. I get my rituals. It’ll be the first time I’m cooking without music. Which is weird for me. I like having ALL my senses engaged.
Music completes the five.

And it’s an unfamiliar kitchen. Not only having to ask where things are, but also being conscious of my mess. And, as the link states, I make quite a big one. Dirty floor, splattered counters, it’s all there.

However, I agreed because the entirety isn’t on me. I’m preparing the main course. AND because it clearly is out of my comfort zone.

I made the dish tonight I’ll be making this weekend. It had a few snags. Looking at it positively I know what to change etc, in a negative light? well it makes it that much more frightening.
We’ll see how it goes.


About Bec

I'm a gal who believes "Food is the Most Primitive form of Comfort" Have plenty of dishes to serve up, but one thing's for sure, I'm always
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